There are certain health conditions that may occur that are completely out of an individual’s control. When individuals, especially elderly individuals, experience health issues, it is oftentimes difficult for family members to trust that they will be able to function normally within their home environment once more. Yet, at the same time, family members are reluctant to rely on the help of assisted living facilities or nursing homes in fear of compromising the integrity of their loved ones. Therefore, a form of home health aide may be a potential option for these families. While home health aide assistance can be essential to one’s well-being, it can also become costly.

What are home health aides?
In general, home health aides are individuals who are trained in providing in-home care to disabled or chronically-ill individuals and older individuals. They may assist in completing homemaking tasks to a slight degree and typically work for home health or hospice agencies. Thus, they are usually recipients of government funding, which requires them to follow strict regulations. Home health aides must complete formal training and pass a set of tests set by the hospice or certified home health agency in order to generate reimbursement from Medicare/Medicaid. While home health aides can be essential to the well-being and functionality of a loved one, they are in high demand.

Implications Regarding Home Health Aide Assistance
However, there is not often enough home health aides to provide care for all individuals who desire to do so. Moderately low levels of pay, long hours, and extensive training make this career path less profitable (income-wise) for many individuals. In addition, the retention of home health aides has been hindered by high turnover rates and limited opportunity for advancement.

Benefits of Home Health Aide Assistance
By hiring a home health aide to assist your loved one, it becomes easier for individuals to remain active within their communities. In addition, clients may begin to connect with their aide on a more personal level, which, in turn, could increase the health and happiness of your loved one.

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